Wassaw Island Georgia Fishing Map and Fishing Spots with GPS Coordinates

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Wassaw Island Fishing spots Wassa Island Offshore Fishing Wassaw Island Inshore Fishing

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Wassaw Island, like other Georgia Barrier Islands on the Georgia Coast, is grounds for some of the best inshore fishing spots for trout and redfish in the state of Georgia with vast inshore fishing options offering inshore anglers more estuary fishing than imaginable. This area offers easy access to some of the best inshore fishing available. This area also offers superb nearshore fishing for Bull Redfish and Tarpon during the proper seasons. For the absolute best fishing results in this area you need good fishing spots. We offer exactly that.. Good Fishing Spots. For those of you who already fish here, you probably already know how good the fishing can be when the tides are rigth and the moon is at bay. For those who do not know about this pristine fishing area, you're missing out on some spectacular fishing! Here's how it works and what's included with any purchase of any fishing area...

As with all of our GA Fishing Spots and Fishing areas, Wassaw Island is split into three fishing areas: INSHORE FISHING SPOTS, NEARSHORE FISHING SPOTS and OFFSHORE FISHING SPOTS.

Load directly to your boats GPS! Below are Fishing Map screenshots of our Inshore and Nearshore Wassaw Island Fishing Spots loaded to a GPS using our direct to GPS upload file included with your purchased area(s). (Offshore is also available) GPS screen views will vary depending on your GPS unit. Our fishing spots will "float" over your GPS base map and work flawlessly with your waypoint list and all your exising waypoints and fishing spots. Works with most late model GPS units that accept an SD card. See your owners manual for details. See our info page here on what comes with it and how it works

Wassaw Island Fishing Map and Fishing Spots Wassaw Island Fishing Map and Fishing Spots with GPS coordinates for Tarpon Fishing Wassaw Island and Redfish Fishing Wassaw Island Georgia

Wassaw Island Georgia Fishing Spots - Purchase Info

What comes with my purchase?

Wassaw Island GA Inshore Fishing Map: $59.99
The Wassaw Island Inshore Fishing Map Targets: Trout, Redfish, Flounder. These types of fishing include; fishing shallow water banks, a few flats, points and structures at certain tides, proper moon phases to go fishing and when not to, and offers you certain tackle techniques to improve you overall inshore fishing game and what tackle and bait to use per spot!

Wassaw Island GA Nearshore Fishing Map: $79.99 (Out to 4 miles)
The Nearshore Fishing Map Targets: Beachside and channel sand bars and sloughs for Bull Redfish, Tarpon, Large Sharks. These types of fishing include; bottom fishing with live and cut bait, which types, which tackle including Rods, Reels and Fishing Line, your terminal tackle including weights and leader sizes and lengths. Preferred tides and moon phases will be included in your information packet as well as informative Google Earth placemark descriptions of each fishing location.

Wassaw Island GA Offshore Fishing Map: $89.99 (Out to 30 Miles) Looking to go Further out?
The Offshore Fishing Map Targets; Kingfish, Snapper, Grouper, Amberjack, Triggerfish, Black Sea Bass, Cudas and more. A tutorial on how to rig for bottom fishing, trolling, when to go offshore fishing and what rods, reels, line, leader, weights and other tricks to use will be included for GA Offshore Fishing locations.

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Wassaw Island Fishing Areas

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If are you looking at the Purchase of two or more fishing areas? You can SAVE 20% when your purchase two or more fishing spots maps! Please send your personal request for multiple fishing spot discounted pricing to: support@gafishingspots.com
Please Note: Each Georgia Fishing area and Fishing Map is different. There are no set maximum of fishing coordinates and fishing locations. Some have more fishing spots and some have less. Most fishing areas offer you at least 18-20 EXCELLENT fishing locations whether you order Inshore, Nearshore or Offshore Fishing Maps for your desired area. Many areas offer more fishing locations depending on the size of the area in general.

GPS NOTE - IMPORTANT: As many of us know, each and every GPS or Chartplotter is different. Each of them have their own way of accepting cooridinates entered manally, SD Card with GPX files or Software. In some cases when entering waypoints and coordinates, you may have to enter the last digit as a "zero" on your machine depending on if your machine accepts numbers into the thousandths. Each Machine varies in accuracy within a few feet to a few yards. All fishing spot coordinates from GA Fishing Spots were converted using Garmin Map Source, Hompe Port and Google Earth Visualizer.
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