Georgia Kingfish Map and Kingfish Spots with GPS Coordinates
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Georgia Kingfish Fishing Spots and Waypoints with GPS Numbers

Georgia Kingfish spots
Georgia Kingfish GPS Numbers
40 Mile Bottom Kingfish

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40 Mile Bottom Brunswick Snapper Banks Fishing Spots and Fishing Map

Use your phone or tablet as a Fishing GPS with Google Maps-Google Earth, or import our fishing waypoints file to your boats GPS using your SD Card. Files for all devices are included with any purchase, then conveniently emailed to you in a zip file the same day of purchase. We get you on the water and fishing right away. Access to our members portal for instructions and free GPS software will be provided upon purchase. See more on what's Included Here

First things first... What areas does this King Mackerel Fishing spots map cover on the GA Coast? In a nutshell, it covers it all! From the Live Bottom near "J" Reef north out to the TLC Bottom and the 38 Mile Bottom, Cabretta, GA Squid Bottom, 7 mile bottom, honey hole, the humps back down south to the SSI channel fishing spots and much, much more. See the GPS uploaded Image below for detailed spot coverage information. I am looking for the Elton Bottom Kingfish Spots

With the boundaries at Grays Reef now closed down by the Feds, Anglers who depended on snatching that tournament winning kingfish on the ledges inside of Grays Reef or around the Grays Reef Weather Buoy will have to fish elsewhere from now on. You will not be able to fish the boundary area at all. So, the next best thing is to have good numbers right beside the closed areas on proven live bottom that hold bait, which is exactly what we offer to guys and gals who Tournament fish and take it seriously. These spots are far more than offshore reefs and wrecks waypoints as you will see.

NOTE: The Elton Grounds is not included in this Kingfish Spots Map. For info on purchasing the Elton Grounds fishing spots, visit the info page for the Elton Bottom Fishing Grounds. If you purchase the kingfish spots map you will receive 20% off the Elton Bottom Fishing Spots Map. Email before you purchase both to be invoiced for the discounted pricing.

Load directly to your boats GPS! Below are Fishing Map screenshots of our Inshore and Nearshore Sapelo Fishing Spots loaded to a GPS using our direct to GPS upload file included with your purchased area(s). GPS screen views will vary depending on your GPS unit. Our fishing spots will "float" over your GPS base map and work flawlessly with your waypoint list and all your exising waypoints and fishing spots. Works with most late model GPS units that accept an SD card. See your owners manual for details.

Georgia Kingfish Map and Kingfish Fishing Spots with GPS Coordinates for Kingfish in Coastal Georgia

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1. A tutorial on moon phases, tide and other concerning factors that play a role in fishing this area.
2. A tutorial on fishing tackle and how to rig your gear PROPERLY for this area. Inshore, Nearshore & Offshore
3. A Google Earth zip file with all GPS numbers to proven fishing spots in the area purchased. Each GPS SPOT will offer comment info with a simple right click! Also, you will receive a printable PDF File with a list of your numbers, AND a GPS file which allows you to upload the numbers directly to your boats GPS. Works with most late model GPS units that accept an SD card. We offer GPS upload formats for most top name brand GPS units.

Georgia Kingfish Fishing Spots: $129.99

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Please Note: Each Georgia Fishing area and Fishing Map is different. There are no set maximum of fishing coordinates and fishing locations. Some have more fishing spots and some have less. Most fishing areas offer you at least 18-20 EXCELLENT fishing locations whether you order Inshore, Nearshore or Offshore Fishing Maps for your desired area. Many areas offer more fishing locations depending on the size of the area in general.

GPS NOTE - IMPORTANT: As many of us know, each and every GPS or Chartplotter is different. Each of them have their own way of accepting cooridinates manally entered. In some cases, you may have to enter the last digit as a "zero" on your machine depending on if your machine accepts numbers into the thousandths. Even if it does not, the GPS numbers will get you extremely close to your area and with the Google Earth Image and Icon descriptions, you be catching fish in no time!
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The Elton Bottom Fishing Spots
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